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 If you are getting tired of using the limited features of Capcut for editing your videos and pictures, donā€™t worry anymore. Iā€™m here with a good option, you can download the Capcut mod APK version. It is the latest version of the Capcut apk with a lot of advanced features. Many templates and premium features are locked in the Capcut, you can use them all in one Capcut mod apk.

This modified app opens a treasure chest of exclusive new features for free high-resolution exports, fancy effects, filters, stickers, transitions, and more. The most important thing there is no watermark in edited videos which makes it easy to post or share. Unlock the full power of Capcut’s video editor with the Mod APK.

The Mod APK’s latest version unlocks many premium features for completely free. Sometimes it is risky to use any mod or third-party app as it can harm your device. But here you can download the app without any fear. It is easy to download and safe to use.


What is CapCut Pro APK?

CapCut Pro APK is a modded version of the CapCut video editing app. It unlocks the premium features that allow for advanced editing normally behind a paywall. This modded APK can be installed on Android devices to access the Pro capabilities completely free. With the CapCut Pro APK, all available paid effects, transitions, filters and editing tools get unlocked.

This includes options like CGI effects, beat sync to music, multi-layered custom transitions, and keyframe animations. Users also gain unlimited cloud storage for their video projects. The mod eliminates ads and removes watermarks from exports. It offers a full professional-grade editing suite without subscriptions or fees.

If you are interested in using this app for available in other places:

How to install CapCut Pro?

  • Enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings to allow third-party app installs
  • Download the latest version of the CapCut Pro APK file on your Android device
  • Locate and tap on the downloaded APK to initialize the installation
  • Accept all app permissions and prompts during installation
  • Wait for a few seconds for the installation to fully complete
  • Launch the CapCut Pro app from the app drawer
  • Sign in with Google or a phone number when prompted
  • Enjoy access to the full unlocked features of the CapCut editor
  • Create videos utilizing all advanced editing tools, effects, transitions
  • Export 4K and HD videos without any ugly watermarks

Table of Information of CapCut

App nameCapCut Mod APK
Published byBytendance Pte.Ltd
Mod featurePremium unlocked
CategoryVideo Editing
Android requirement5.0 or more
Version number12.2.0
Ratings4.4 stars
Downloads till now500 million+
Mod typeFully Premium without watermark
Source info: Google Play Store

CapCut Pro Unlocked Features

The CapCut Pro APK unlocks a wide array of powerful editing tools that allow professional-grade video editing completely for free. Users get access to 3D transitions that can give a cinematic touch to videos. The mod also enables many premium effects like light rays, glitch effects, and anime effects that make your content stand out. With the Cap Cut Pro APK download, you can unlock all these premium features for free.

capcut with out matermark

The CapCut Pro mod brings all these advanced, paid features like green screen editing, auto beat sync, unlimited cloud storage, and much more without needing any subscription. This elevates the app from good to great for any video editing task.

CapCut Premium APK No Watermark

The CapCut watermark is perhaps the most annoying limitation of the free version. But the modded app provides complete access to high-resolution exports without any watermarks or logos imposed. Users can export their final edited videos in eye-popping full HD resolutions like 1080p and 4K without Capcut’s watermark marring the footage.

XML Support in CapCut Pro APK

The biggest advancement unlocked by the Pro APK is complete XML format plugin support for CapCut. Advanced users can now manually install specialized XML plugins that vastly improve CapCut’s editing capabilities.

These XML plugins add entire new categories of cutting-edge effects, transitions, stickers, overlays and editing options that are unavailable in the free CapCut app. Users can build FX overlays, multi-layer glitch transitions, custom text animations, and color presets through XML plugins. This hyper-customization through XML mods pushes CapCut’s creative potential to professional levels.

Features of CapCut Mod APK

The CapCut Mod APK unlocks a treasure trove of advanced editing features that allow professional-grade video editing completely for free. Some highlights include unlimited layers and tracks for complex projects, green screen keying for applying custom backdrops, auto beat sync for perfect dance edits, 3D transitions, and visual effects. Hundreds of sound effects, licensed songs, and audio speed control also enable powerful audio editing.

Users also get perks like removing ads, bypassing login requirements to directly access the editor, darker UI modes for comfort, and no cap on cloud storage. And the cherry on top is high-resolution 4K/1080p exports without any watermarks or CapCut branding. If you want to get the most out of CapCut, the fully unlocked Mod APK is the best choice.

Modded Features of CapCut

Diving deeper into the mods and tweaks offered – XML plugin support expands CapCut’s capabilities tenfold. Users can install third-party XML plugins to get entirely new transitions like glitch distortion or RGB splits, text presets for animated captions, color grading presets, and more. This hyper-customization through XML mods gives almost endless creative options.

capcut advance feature

No Watermark

The No Watermark feature in this video and photo editing app allows users to export their creations without any watermarks or logos added. Typically, free editing apps will brand videos and images with their own watermarked logo after editing which makes sharing and posting difficult. with the cap-cut APK download without a watermark, users can access the premium no-watermark feature for free

no watermark

Premium Effects

Paying for the premium version unlocks more advanced and professional editing tools and visual effects. This includes filters, touch-up functions, overlays, textures, and more for greater creativity.

effect of capcut

No Ads

You can use the full functionality of the app without interruptions from ads. There will be no banner, pop-up, or video ads that detract from the editing experience or get in the way of your work.

capcut edting

Templates Unlocked

More template options for projects and content creation are available for premium users rather than just basic templates. This provides more flexibility and customization.

capcut template

Login Less

While premium features require an account sign-in, you can access and use basic editing features without having to create an account or log in each time. This allows quick, convenient use.

login access

Stock Library

Access a large library of stock photos, graphics, videos and audio clips that you can use with projects. This wealth of content is cleared for copyright to use freely

stock library

Cloud Storage

Your projects and account information can be saved securely to the cloud rather than just locally on your device. This allows you to access your work from anywhere and pick up editing where you left off.

capcut pro feature
cropped logo removebg preview 1
Latest version(12.2.0) file size(226MB)

Capcut latest version mod apk

Capcut releases updates often. The developers add new features and fix bugs. Many people want early access to new features. Modded APKs allow this early access. They unlock new features not in the Google Play store release. The latest Capcut mod APK has the newest editing tools. 

These let users try new transitions and effects. Download the modded APK file to get the newest version early. Install this APK file instead of the app store version. This will upgrade your editor to the latest 2024 functionality. Use advanced unreleased features before others. Create great content with the most modern options.

Download Method for Capcut Mod Apk

  • 1.       Go to a reliable APK download site like “”
  • 2.       Search for “Capcut Mod”
  • 3.       Select the latest Capcut mod APK
  • 4.       Download the APK file to the device
  • 5.       Open the file to trigger the installation
  • 6.       Capcut mod installed! Enjoy new features.

CapCut Premium Plans Costs

CapCut offers weekly, monthly, and yearly premium plans. The prices differ based on duration. The weekly plan costs $2.99 per week. This provides short-term access for specific projects. The monthly CapCut plan costs $7.99 per month. This gives longer subscription benefits. It offers more convenience than weekly payments.

The best value comes from the annual plan. Users pay $39.99 per year. This drops the monthly cost down below $4. It is the cheapest way to enjoy premium features longer. Users weigh their usage frequency vs cost savings in determining the best plan. Less frequent editors may prefer monthly over yearly commitment. All plans unlock the same features without differences beyond duration.

Create Video With Template Easly

Templates make video creation simple on CapCut. Go to the Templates section and browse options. Many looks exist like travel, fashion, story, food, music, and more. Select your desired visual theme. Customise the template to your needs. Upload clips, photos, and audio that fit the format. Rearrange scenes in the storyboard. Enhance with transitions and stylish effects.


Add text captions as needed. Finally, export your completed template video. With a few taps, you can make great-looking visual content. Let templates provide the design so you focus on assets and personal custom touches. Achieve quality easily following the template guide.

Capcut app effect

Glitch Effect

The glitch effect adds digital distortion overlays and effects to your videos and images, simulating temporary VHS errors or distortions for an edgy, cyberpunk vibe. This effect helps make ordinary footage appear much more dynamic.

Some New Features

Capcut consistently rolls out new transitions, tools, and overall features with app updates to keep things fresh and engaging for users. This ensures the editing experience stays modern and doesn’t become outdated

Key Frame Animation

The keyframe animation effect allows customization and precision control over the movement of individual elements in your video. You can seamlessly animate the motion from point A to B down to each frame.

Smooth Slow-motion Effect

The smooth slow-motion tool enables you to convert standard footage clips into buttery smooth, high-quality slow-motion sequences by adjusting the speed percentage. This captures mesmerizing moments.


With image stabilization, Capcut can steady shaky video clips by smoothing out unwanted camera shakes, jitters, and jolts. This produces fluid, stable video footage that looks professionally captured

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Unlocked effects, transitions, no watermark, unlimited cloud storage.

Yes, it is legal and safe when downloaded from reliable sites.

Yes, the mod receives the same latest updates as the original app

No, the mod APK is completely free to download and use.

Yes, the mod receives the same latest updates as the original app.

Final Thoughts

The Capcut mod APK delivers an excellent enhanced editing experience. It unlocks all the premium features without any fees or subscriptions required. Users can access the entire suite of advanced editing tools that are normally behind a paywall. This elevates videos to professional-grade quality.

Downloading and installing the mod is simple and safe when using reliable sources. The APK mirrors the original app with all the same updates. Except it comes without annoying ads, watermarks, or locked content. For amateur and pro editors alike seeking fuller creative capability, the Capcut mod APK is an excellent choice. The free premium access it provides transforms the app into a top choice for creative videography needs on mobile devices.